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Services Overview

Office furniture is all about logistical planning and scheduling, then, utilizing the best technicians, vehicles and equipment. It is a beautiful thing when everything works like a Swiss watch and, it is a nightmare of wasted time, money and emotions when it doesn’t.

Our company was founded to provide services to contract furniture dealers, hence our name – Commercial Furniture Services, Inc.. We are a one-stop shop that offers you the experience, personnel, skills and equipment to make the last mile of your furniture buying experience a pleasurable one.

Have a warranty claim or need a repair? Call our service line today: 952-915-6339

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Design & Planning

First we listen to you. Then we listen some more.

You tell us about the issues that are important to your company’s success: how to attract and retain employees; how to make your space more efficient and functional; how to project your company’s image; how to be environmentally responsible; how to incorporate continuous change and, how to integrate new technology into your workplace.

Then, the CFS design staff will utilize our knowledge, experience, skills, and technology to develop a comprehensive facility plan based on your needs.

Project Management

It Doesn’t Just Happen by Chance.

Office furniture is all about logistics. Planning a project takes teamwork and planning in order to be successful. CFS has the team, experience, services, equipment, and processes to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our project managers will help take the work, pain, and expense out of your project. We want to create a great customer experience for you, and we won’t quit until we do.

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Reconfiguration, Installation & Delivery

Service By Design.

CFS’ delivery and installation team will ensure that your office furniture looks as good as, or even better, than it did on the show floor or in the catalog. With our skills, equipment, and installation process, we will assemble your office as planned. Our installation teams’ goal is to provide you with a great facility and a great customer experience.

Re-upholstery, Refinishing & Repair

One Call. One Team. All services.

CFS is a one-stop shop for your office, equipment and service needs. We work on projects of any size and any budget. Just ask us to take a look at it!

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Inventory & Appraisal

What do we do with this?

You have to know what you have and what it’s worth before you can make decisions about reutilizing or selling your existing furniture. CFS has handled just about every line of office furniture in our 40 years of business. Whether your office size is modest or large, CFS can inventory and appraise all of your conventional and modular furniture.

Warehousing & Moving

A Furniture Fort Knox.

CFS has the capabilities to handle all long- and short-term furniture storage needs. CFS offers storage for furniture, equipment, records or supplies.

Warehouse Shelves
Implementation Planning

Disaster Recovery

Quick response, service and resources; your one stop to get back in business.

When disaster strikes your business, you need a team of vendors to help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Rental & Loaner Furniture

Need it now? No problem.

Everyone needs to rent furniture occasionally. Whether it’s for a meeting, a new hire, temporary staffing, or a celebration, CFS has a wide variety of new and used furniture to choose from.

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