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Meet in the Middle

The conference room is often considered the most important area in a work environment. Why is that the case? 

Collaboration and Communication: Central space for team collaboration and effective communication.

Client Meetings: Key location for hosting clients, leaving positive impressions, and facilitating negotiations.

Confidential Discussions: Provides a secure environment for sensitive and strategic discussions.

Training and Development: Used for employee training sessions and workshops.

Company Culture: Reflects the company's professionalism, creativity, and inclusivity.

Technology Hub: Equipped with advanced tech for efficient communication and presentations.

Multi-functional Space: Adaptable for team-building, social gatherings, and informal meetings.


Creating the perfect conference room involves assessing business needs in combination with the space available.


Product and layout selections impact mobility and accessibility within a work space. 



Tables and chairs are just the beginning.


Ergonomics, color, brand, material, connectivity, and story matter.


Acoustic and other audio visual equipment make a space efficient and effective for your teams.

Global Total Office Zira
Global Total Office 2gether
OFS Intermix
JSI Native
JSI Collective Presentation
JSI Collective Conference
Hi5 Union
Groupe Lacasse Quorum Multiconference
Groupe Lacasse Quorum
Harmony Conference Table
Harmony Conference Table

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