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Celebration of Commercial Furniture Services’ 41st ANNIVERSARY

Bill and John Sorteberg founded CFS on Dec. 3rd, 1979. We started as a contract furniture installation company and we have grown into a full-service office furniture company. CFS represent over 200 lines of furniture and we provide all related services – design, project management, warehousing, delivery and installation, repair, reupholstery, refinishing and painting. Our staff is one of the most skilled and experienced groups in our industry. All the 900 plus employees we have had over the years have helped us succeed and survive due to their focus on customer service. Our belief is to “make all of our clients happier and more productive in THEIR work”. Our focus is to provide quality environments for our clients that meet their cultural, functional, aesthetic, and economic needs. And, we provide all of the services to insure that those workplaces are always supported. Our sincerest thanks go out to all the many customers who have entrusted CFS to create and support their employees so they can perform the work that they do. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for CFS and all our families - your support is what keeps us going. And, we will strive to do so for the next 40 years!

So, from all of us at CFS – cheers and thank you!

John Sorteberg Bill Sorteberg Rick Greywitt Lori Frederickson Chris Bazan Dennis Corcoran Dave Craig Anne Deardorff Sharon Doelz Candie Emerick Eric Fantin Kevin Gall Kim Gall Jim Good Sean Greywitt Tom Harris Kasey Hellman Keren Johnson-Turner Brian Kanne Rick Kocon Mark Larue Dave Mendenhall Matt Millage Sam Montgomery April Nascene Scott Nash Todd Pommerening Zeb Rybar Jesse Schaffer Karl Schimmel John Seiberlich Sheila Voerding-Levercom Bill Wallace Lisa Willing

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