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10 Reasons Why Offices Will Never Go Away

1. The overall need for human interaction and socialization. Humans are very

social animals.

2. Office environments can enhance collaboration and innovation among team


3. Younger team members need / crave mentoring from established employees.

Employees’ onsite training is more efficient and effective for the company and

their employees.

4. Younger team members want to be seen, heard and recognized for their work

In order to rise through the ranks. This is difficult to do when you are out of

sight, out of mind as a Zoom Zombie.

5. Employee retention is more successful with employees who are immersed in a

company / organization. Remote workers are more likely to search out new job

opportunities and jump ship.

6. Central offices provide general management and control efficiencies.

7. Offices reflect an organization and its culture. They provide a base that attracts

and retains employees.

8. Offices enhance customer experiences. They are a tangible representation of

companies / organizations that reflect their cultures, products and services.

9. Offices are also a known, physical presence in a community. They are a visible

representation of each organization.

10. Offices are also competitive branding tools for their sales efforts.

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