Truly Good Work Chairs

Think about the office chair you are sitting in right now, is it optimized for you?

Your work can be helped or hindered by your chair, believe it or not.  You may not spend much time thinking about your office seat, but the rest of your body is sure aware of it.  At CFS, the Minneapolis office furniture experts, we think there are lots of good reasons to take this seriously.  We hope to convince you to as well.

Because your job is likely based around the use of a computer, chances are you’ll find yourself in one place for most of your working life–your office chair.

  1. A recent study by the office furniture experts at Herman Miller found that it’s not uncommon for workers in today’s business climate to find themselves sitting for as much as 90 percent of their workday.
  2. Workplace injuries increasingly include lower back issues and strains, leading to more and more lost time and health costs.
  3. So common are back injuries among workers who sit down most of the day that they are they rank only behind people who lift heavy weights for number of back injuries.
  4. Your back is not a small part of your life. When it’s working fine and pain-free, you probably don’t think much about your back. As soon as it incurs some minor discomfort, though, you begin to understand what a central role it plays in every part of your life and that the right office furniture could make a difference.
  5. Not every office worker is the same. As people’s abilities, tasks, and bodies vary, so too do their office seating needs. Using a non-adjustable office chair across a team of 50 employees will likely lead to a number of problems.

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