Inventory & Appraisal

What do we do with this?

You have to know what you have and what it’s worth before you can make decisions about reutilizing or selling your existing furniture. CFS has handled just about every line of office furniture in our 30 years of business. Whether your office size is modest or large, CFS can inventory and appraise all of your conventional and modular furniture.

CFS Can:

  • Inventory your furniture in the following formats: sight counts, numerical tagging, barcode tagging, photographic or videotaping
  • Provide the inventory in a SIF file; in CAP Spec or in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Provide you with wholesale costs – what a broker might pay for your furniture. We can also provide retail costs – what you might be able to sell your furniture for on the open market.
  • Help you determine if it is worthwhile to re-utilize your furniture – either “as-is” or refurbished
  • Help you develop a buyback, disposal or recycling program for your furniture if required
  • Our goal is to help you maximize the investment and utilization of your furniture.