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Work is the relationship between an individual and an organization that occurs within a specific context. The workplace, as a strategic tool, works principally to enable the individual, reflect the organization, and support processes and tools.

The Context of Work
The dynamic context of work considers the issues that have an impact on both the organization and the individual – society, technology, economy, ecology, and politics.

Kaleidoscope Experience Workshop (PDF)
Topography Workshop (PDF)

Generations at Work
Three generations working together bring experiences and expectations that influence the workplace and its design.

Overview (PDF)
Point of View (PDF)

Attract, Retain, Engage
Great workplaces attract, retain, and engage talent as part of a strategic set of tools.

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Core of Commonality
We all share common aspects of being human — mind, body, spirit. Understanding these characteristics and capacities can have a positive impact on what goes on in the places where we work.

Core of Commonality (PDF)
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