Herman Miller, Inc., Introduces Teneo Storage Furniture; Refreshes Broader Filing Offering

Originally posted on HermanMilller.com on May 30, 2008

New storage collection defines the beauty of being organized


Herman Miller is enhancing the filing and storage market with Teneo, a charismatic set of products that offer variety and visual harmony to the workplace. Teneo was designed to provide and maintain a consistent aesthetic within open work environments, while creating a unified, yet flexible space.

Teneo will be displayed in Herman Miller’s third floor showroom during the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, June 9-11, 2008.

Teneo is a result of the collaboration between Herman Miller and designers Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck of the New York-based design firm Birsel + Seck. Because storage is one of the largest factors in workplace satisfaction, Birsel and Seck sought to design one product solution that could meet a wide range of storage needs, including those of the individual, group, and workplace community.

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“What fascinates us is putting ourselves in the shoes of the user and thinking of what’s going to solve problems for them,” explains Birsel. “Storage tends to be a metal box or a wood case–nothing in between. Teneo represents a new paradigm in storage. It’s an active partner in the places where people gather and collaborate.”

Birsel and Seck identified three core elements of storage: structure, utility and cladding. They determined these could become modular components–assembled to create a variety of products that may be applied in the office, home, higher education, and healthcare.

Rather than relying on the monolithic metal box approach, Birsel and Seck created a new shape and structure using anodized aluminum rings of four heights. Teneo products are meant to be viewed from all sides in open environments. The rings support utility elements, such as drawers, shelves, work surfaces, and cladding.

A result of systemic thinking, Teneo products were designed to create a variety of configurations that produce a holistic solution. The core products include single islands, side-by-side islands, presentation units, wall units, individual storage, and surfaces. The systemic concept allows the product to be restructured, yet remain consistent with the surrounding design elements.

“Teneo’s flexibility supports individual work styles and it also creates an engaging community environment, says Katie Lane, Herman Miller’s product marketing director for filing and storage. “Even as our reliance on wireless technology increases, there still is a need to meet, greet, share, collaborate, and support hospitality. Teneo supports those needs beautifully.”

The products are available in a range of colors, veneers, and customizable finishes. Door and drawer fronts are defined by an integrated, graceful curve to be used as a handle or pull, available in painted metal or veneer.

Updated Filing and Storage
Herman Miller has also reinvigorated its broader filing and storage offering with Tu, a fresh approach to products formerly under the Quadrant brand. The new identity brings with it new products and pull style changes, as well as enhanced aesthetics and functionality.

“As plans for Teneo storage furniture developed, we realized it was the right time to address the opportunities within our current filing and storage program,” said Katie Lane, product marketing director for filing and storage. “Tu products have been refined to address the needs of customers who seek a variety of highly functional storage options with a fresh look at a lower cost.”

Designed to accommodate the individual workspace, Tu’s enhanced portfolio now includes towers with a new side-facing bookcase configuration, bookcases, storage cases, and overfiles, in addition to lateral files and pedestals. The broad range of finish colors, veneers, and pull styles complement a variety of surroundings, as well as other Herman Miller products.

For higher density storage needs, Herman Miller’s Meridian filing and storage products lead the industry with a comprehensive portfolio, including stackable modules and extra-capacity file drawers. Meridian is ideal for high-volume filing areas that require easy accessibility among workers.

A new, anodized aluminum pull, similar to the pull available on Teneo products, also will be available with Tu and Meridian pedestal and lateral files. Additionally, Meridian and Tu will share other visually compatible pull styles.

Designed with the Environment in Mind
Teneo, Tu, and Meridian products have been evaluated by Herman Miller’s rigorous Design for the Environment protocol, emphasizing safe materials, recyclability and ease of disassembly. Additionally, Teneo products are readily repurposed and reconfigured to extend their use, while the steel cases in Tu and Meridian are 100 percent recyclable and use powder coating for all metal parts. All product lines are GREENGUARD certified and pending McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) certification.

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