DressHead x cfsmn Red Chiffon Bardot Chiffon Dress

DressHead x cfsmn Red Chiffon Bardot Chiffon Dress / Sexy and Sheer

This cfsmn x www.dresshead.com/ one is a really sexy chiffon bardot dress colored in a fine red that will have your skin glowing with pride. It is shoulder less and the sleeves hang off allowing the full top part of the dress to make you look sexy and bold. The chiffon material is very high quality and it will make you look amazing. The length of the chiffon dress falls just below the knees and helps to make you look like a diva! The ankle area has always been skinny on a lady regardless of size, so if you favor trousers over dresses then this chiffon dress will make you reconsider because you will be able to wear a dress and not have to worry about your thighs looking fat! The sheerness of the dress is enough to protect your modesty whilst still being able to add a little bit of sexyness to your look. It should be teamed up with earrings and a lovely pair of heels with a matching bag to perfect the look. Bardot dresses will be around for a long time to come and you will be making a great investment with this piece.

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