Convia Programmable Infrastructure by Herman Miller

Convia is a modular, programmable infrastructure that changes the way power and data are delivered, accessed, and reconfigured. It sets itself apart in its ability to be programmed and reconfigured, reducing skilled labor costs, facility down-time, and the material waste and expense of reconfiguring traditional wiring.

Convia delivers plug-and-play power to virtually anywhere in a space, without requiring hardwiring of devices or switches. It can be installed in an open or closed ceiling and through raised floors or demountable walls. And it allows for programming changes or change in associations (or links) among any electrical devices, controls, or sensors in a building, using a wireless, hand-held remote control, or wand.

End users can program and change the system within minutes to best fit their evolving needs. Building owners can accommodate tenant changes with minimal cost and without vast infrastructure changes. In addition, the Convia infrastructure includes a high-speed Ethernet network, adding programmable data capacity at a nominal additional cost. It is UL-listed.

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