CFS Return to Work Communication

Commercial Furniture Services has returned to work and is ready to help you. We’ve created some guildlines to keep you and our staff safe. Our complete guidelines may be read here: CFS Return to Work Communication 5-4-20

For visitor guidelines, please review the following:

 CFS Return to Work Communication / Guidelines

  1. Prepare CFS’ facility and equipment for our return to work.
    1. CFS will arrange for our cleaning vendor and select CFS staff to do a thorough cleaning and dis-infection prior to having our staff return to work at our facility.
    2. Each office employee will be supplied with their own spray bottle of anti-bacterial spray and wipes. They will be responsible for cleaning their own immediate spaces as necessary.
    3. CFS will have hand sanitizers available in the office and warehouse and, will provide hand cleaning solutions throughout the building.
  1. Controlled Access at CFS
    1. CFS will have 4 temporal scan thermometers at the main entrances to our facility. There will be sanitary wipes at each site to clean the instruments after they have been used. If you do record a fever over 100.4 F – please notify your superior. You may be sent home until the fever passes and you have recovered until you can return to work.
    2. We would like to keep the number of visitors to a minimum. Please try to connect with our clients and vendors off-site or virtually, as much as possible. If we do have clients or vendors that want to visit us, please schedule an appointment and let management know how many people will be coming so the proper arrangements and precautions can be taken.
    3. All visitors to CFS will be required to follow our Covid-19 safety protocols while in our facility. That includes wearing masks at all time, practicing social distancing and not touching any CFS staff furniture, equipment or belongings. We may request you to take a temporary break and leave your station if our clients need to view your workspaces more closely. But again, they will not be allowed to touch anything in your area. We understand completely that people need to see, feel and touch furniture in order to make educated purchasing decisions. In order to make them feel welcome and safe – and most importantly, US – we want to make sure that we are completely prepared for their arrival.
    4. CFS will also have some PPE available for our customer’s use while on our premises.
  1. Social Distancing
    1. Fortunately, our offices and workspaces are designed for the proper six feet for social distancing. CFS requires all of our employees to wear the masks that while working in CFS’ facility. Each employee is being supplied with two masks that should be alternated in order to sanitize them every other day.
    2. Until this crisis has passed, meetings in the large conference room may be limited to 6 – 7 people. We may have to do on-site Zoom sales meetings. If a client wants to bring a large group in, please notify management so we can take necessary precautions.
    3. The key is to maintain the 6 feet separation of any and all people while conducting day-to-day business at CFS.
  1. Reducing Touchpoints and Increasing Sanitation
    1. The use of CFS’s refrigerators; dish washer; microwaves; coffee makers; popcorn machine and kitchen will not be allowed until the crisis has passed. You may eat at your workstations if you bring in takeout food or, your own food. Use your own dishes, utensils and coolers.
    2. Shared food – cookies; snacks; fruits, etc. will not be allowed.
    3. CFS will have a staff member(s) do a thorough cleaning and dis-infecting of our spaces to clean commonly touched areas and surfaces: handles; copiers; doors; seating; showroom furniture.
  1. In CFS’ Warehouse and Shops
    1. CFS will provide the same ant-bacterial spray and wipes for all of the warehouse and shop staff. Each person will be responsible to clean their own immediate areas and, the equipment that they frequently used.
    2. CFS will have a staff member clean the common doors and area that are frequently used by CFS personnel, vendors and clients.
    3. The warehouse, shop and field staff will also check their temperatures daily with the temporal scan thermometers and follow the requirements listed in section 2.
    4. CFS does not want to allow drivers to come inside our premises unless absolutely necessary. There will be no coffee breaks allowed for drivers in our facility.
  1. In Vehicles and on Clients’ Premises
    1. Each CFS vehicle will have a cleaning kit in it: anti-bacterial spray and wipes. Each driver / occupant will be responsible for cleaning the vehicle.
    2. If traveling together in a CFS vehicle, CFS staff should wear a mask if requested to by any of the CFS or sub-contract employees – as social distancing is typically not able to be maintained.
    3. CFS will adhere to the rules and safety precautions of all our clients.
    4. That includes the use of masks; gloves and other PPE; temperature testing, etc. it also includes our cleaning of all surfaces of the furniture that we install or touch – panel top caps and end rails; work surfaces; peds; files and ergonomic equipment before we leave the site.
    5. Every CFS service staff will have their own spray bottle of anti-bacterial cleaning solution and wipes. Commonly used tools and equipment should all be dis-infected.

This virus is silent, invisible and indiscriminate. It is almost impossible to trace. We have to rely on one another help everyone at CFS, our clients and vendors follow these safety precautions until things get back to normal.

It starts with each of you – on a daily basis – to check yourself for the symptoms of Covid-19. If you seriously have any of these – or been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 – DO NOT COME TO WORK. Report it to Lori, Rick or myself. There is no shame in getting this virus – it can happen to anyone. Take care of yourself and, all of the people who work at CFS, our clients and vendors. Let’s all help in getting out of this unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. Our lives, livelihoods and future are dependent on how well we fight this together.

Please contact Commercial Furniture Services for more information at 952-915-6683 or at 4301 Highway 7, St. Louis Park, MN 55416.

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


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