CFS: 39 Years

Thirty nine years ago, my brother Bill and I started Commercial Furniture services, Inc. We have had the good fortune to have worked with over 800 people in our company – all who have helped build CFS into what it is today. Thanks to one and all who have helped us service our clients and our community during the last 39 years – I think that we have truly made a difference in many peoples’ lives and we have done some exceptional work. Here’s to continuing what we have started.

And, a special call out to these long time employees of CFS:
Rick Greywitt, Lori Frederickson, Karl Schimmel, Anne Deardorff, Chris Bazan, Bill Wallace, Jim Good, April Nascene, Eric Fantin. Todd Pommerening, Dave Craig, Rick Kocon, Tom Harris, Mark Larue, Brian Kempton, Tom Stenberg, Dennis Corcoran, John Seiberlich, Sharon Doelz, Keren Turner -Johnson, Brian Kanne, Kim Gall, Kasey Hellman and Lisa Willing – you are the backbone of CFS. And, great thanks as well to all of the rest of our employees and sub-contractors who have been and are in this journey with us. And, most importantly, to all of our customers who entrusted us to help service their employees and facilities to enable them to do their work more efficiently.

Thank YOU!

And last, to our vendor partners who have provided the products and services that enable us to provide wonderful experiences for our clients – thanks for coming through for us year after year – you have made a difference for CFS and our clients.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to one and all who have been partners with us over the past 39 years – may we have another 39 years in the company of more great partners!

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