Planning a New Office Space or Remodel?

“Big Picture” Issues to Consider When You Are Planning a New Office Space or a Remodel

These issues are above and beyond the hard costs of planning for a new space or a remodel of you existing space – but, they are the issues which may have a greater effect on your overall bottom line.

Economic Considerations:

  • Does the space meet your economic requirements on a cost basis?
  • Does the lease provide reasonable options for growth or retraction?
  • Does the space meet the physical requirements for your company?
  • Does the space provide the infrastructure for your technological needs – voice, power and data?
  • Will the furniture and build outs meet your corporate needs now and in the future? Do they provide ease of change in a cost-effective manner?
  • Does the layout and office furniture promote increased efficiency and productivity for your employees?
  • Does it also promote their health and safety?

Corporate Identity:

  • Does your planned space reflect your corporate image?
  • Does it align with your corporate strategy?
  • Can you set corporate standards and guidelines through your new layout to help you manage your company?


  • How do you want your new space to reflect your corporate culture?
  • Will you change the atmosphere of how your company works physically works together? Will it be an open or collaborative environment or, will it be more of a traditional, closed environment?
  • How will your space’s finishes reflect your company?
  • Will your space promote innovation and efficiency?

Attraction & Retention:

  • Will your space improve the morale of your workforce?
  • Will it help attract the quality of employees that your company requires to meet your strategic goals?
  • Will it provide an environment that will help you retain your employees on a long-term basis? Will it reduce turnover?
  • Is corporate branding carried throughout your facility?

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Style Meets Budget at CFS

Did you know CFS offers design and space planning for your office?

At CFS, we understand that every office has different budgets and different needs when it comes to planning their office environment. Because of this, we offer a comprehensive facility plan based on your needs as a unique customer. We work with you to plan an office environment conducive to efficiency, style, and of course your budget.

Whether you are moving into a new office or need assistance with the whole process, CFS is here to provide you an exceptional experience while furnishing your office.

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