Planning a New Office Space or Remodel?

“Big Picture” Issues to Consider When You Are Planning a New Office Space or a Remodel

These issues are above and beyond the hard costs of planning for a new space or a remodel of you existing space – but, they are the issues which may have a greater effect on your overall bottom line.

Economic Considerations:

  • Does the space meet your economic requirements on a cost basis?
  • Does the lease provide reasonable options for growth or retraction?
  • Does the space meet the physical requirements for your company?
  • Does the space provide the infrastructure for your technological needs – voice, power and data?
  • Will the furniture and build outs meet your corporate needs now and in the future? Do they provide ease of change in a cost-effective manner?
  • Does the layout and office furniture promote increased efficiency and productivity for your employees?
  • Does it also promote their health and safety?

Corporate Identity:

  • Does your planned space reflect your corporate image?
  • Does it align with your corporate strategy?
  • Can you set corporate standards and guidelines through your new layout to help you manage your company?


  • How do you want your new space to reflect your corporate culture?
  • Will you change the atmosphere of how your company works physically works together? Will it be an open or collaborative environment or, will it be more of a traditional, closed environment?
  • How will your space’s finishes reflect your company?
  • Will your space promote innovation and efficiency?

Attraction & Retention:

  • Will your space improve the morale of your workforce?
  • Will it help attract the quality of employees that your company requires to meet your strategic goals?
  • Will it provide an environment that will help you retain your employees on a long-term basis? Will it reduce turnover?
  • Is corporate branding carried throughout your facility?

CFS can assist you in planning for your new or remodeled space.  Contact us today to get in touch with an experienced representative for a free consultation.  952.922.6683

A Chair is a Chair is a Chair…?

You might want to first ask your posterior and back about that…..

A good portion of the American workforce spends between 8 and 10 hours a day at their place of work- where they sit for 6-8 hours in their offices, workstations, conference rooms or break rooms. Then, they will go home and spend additional time at their home computers either working or browsing the internet. All the while, their backs and posteriors will be firmly planted in a variety of chairs that provide them with various degrees of comfort and ergonomic support.

Given these facts, I believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to purchase office furniture which will optimize their comfort, health and productivity. Everyone’s bodies are different, we all sit and work differently – that is why it is important to test various chairs until you find one that has the features and controls that match your ergonomic and aesthetic criteria. Here are some of the things you should consider when you are purchasing a good work chair:

  • Does it have active controls (hand-operated) that can adjust the chair’s back, arms, seat and height features?
  • Does the chair have passive (built-in) ergonomic features that are built into the chair ? – flexible backs, ergonomic backs, etc.
  • Does the height of the chair adjust to the range you require?
  • Do the arms adjust up and down, in and out or fold down?
  • Does the back have lumbar or sacral support? Can they be adjusted to your requirements? Does the back raise or lower to meet your height requirements?
  • Is the back flexible or stiff? Can the back angle be set to your satisfaction? Can the back angle be adjusted backward or forward? Does the back support your spine and shoulders properly?
  • Is the seat comfortable? Is it made of foam or mesh?  Can the seat be extended or retracted to fit your body?
  • Are the casters made for carpet or hard-surface flooring?
  • Does the chair meet your design criteria – look, finish and fabric choices?
  • Is the chair made of quality parts and materials? Does the chair have an extended warranty covering parts and labor?

Once you have found a chair that meets your own personal  ergonomic, comfort and aesthetic requirements – then you can consider the last criteria – price. But remember, this chair is for you… your comfort, your health and, your productivity. Are you worth it?

Ask your butt and back again…

Furniture Sale Details

CFS Furniture Sale

2/12- 2/19/11

Herman Miller Special Pricing

For chairs to be ordered

Aeron Chairs: $725.00 ea. / 3 week delivery

  • Highly adjustable task chair; arms, seat;
  • Classic carbon pellicle
  • Lumbar support

Mirra Chairs: $600.00 ea. / 3 week delivery

  • Highly adjustable task chair; arms, seat
  • Triflex back black; black airweave seat
  • Lumbar support

Embody chair: $995.00 ea. / 3 week delivery

Furniture Sale

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Used Furniture Sale

CFS is having an inventory reduction sale! All used furniture has been marked down with savings up to 50% ! Herman Miller, Lacasse, Paoli, Global and many other commercial brands to choose from. Stop on in to see us from February 10th through February 19th.

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We Love Happy Customers

We’re happy to share this recent customer testimonial:

“I also wanted to take a moment to comment to you on how much I appreciate working with your staff. You choose awesome individuals and promote a very ‘customer-friendly’ culture. Moving is certainly stressful, but working with CFS helps to diminish many of the worries.”

Lacasse “C.I.T.E” Wins Gold

C.I.T.É. is the next step in the evolution of collaborative and innovative teaming environments. C.I.T.É. is also the solution for creating refined and distinctive teaming workspaces.

This freestanding collaborative furniture system is perfect for team-based organizations requiring office environments combining outstanding high-end aesthetics and functionality.

Herman Miller “Swoop Seating”

Swoop lounge seating and tables work together to create infinite configurations of comfortable environments, from formal to casual. If a lounge chair looks comfortable, people will sit in it. The Swoop lounge furniture invites you to sit or sprawl and supports you, no matter how you adjust your position.

CFS Great Service

Recent comment from “Melvin,” one of our satisfied customers:

Thank You for repairing my “Herman Miller” chair. You treated me the same way you would have treated a large business account. No customer could expect more (by andrade). You were fair, respectful, friendly and professional.

Thank You Melvin!

Herman Miller 100% Green Efficiency Goal

Herman Miller, Inc. celebrated Earth Day 2010 with the early achievement of one of its key 2020 Perfect Vision goals-utilizing 100 percent green energy for its worldwide operations. The company’s Perfect Vision initiative includes a set of environmental goals that target a zero operational footprint by the year 2020. Beginning May 1, 2010, the company will join only a few organizations worldwide that utilize 100 percent green energy, a feat primarily made possible by its employees.